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April 16, 2024

How Google Ads Uses AI to Reach Your Audience

Everyone these days has heard of AI or artificial intelligence, which is growing in popularity with a lot of people and businesses. If you are not using this marketing for your business, you are leaving a lot of money on the table and missing out on many new customers. To help you better understand why this marketing method is imperative for business growth, let’s look at how Google Ads uses AI to reach your audience of ideal customers.

Google utilizes AI to help determine the right bids, to reach the right searches, and for creating the most relevant ads possible for their consumers. This allows them to easily reach the right customers with their ads every time for a better ROI or return on investment for their marketing efforts. This marketing strategy makes it easy to improve your responsive search ads, so your conversion rates increase, allowing you to gain new customers on a consistent basis.

When AI was newer, it was more difficult to figure out the right commands to use, but over time it is becoming more adept at taking orders with various types of commands, so you can more easily use this to find the right options for your advertising needs.

It is important to understand what information you should be using to help your AI campaigns produce the best results for your business.

Finding the right conversion values is how Google helps you know where to place your efforts, for the most possible ROI for your business. It is essential to have a strong conversion measurement strategy when using AI for your marketing efforts. This helps you define the value for various conversions for your business, which is going to help Google’s AI to know where to prioritize during bidding.

Google uses audience signals to help you reach the right target audience for your business. With the help of AI, you now can provide the right data, along with performance insights to help you reach more and new audience segments. You are not limited now like you used to be with a predefined audience set.

Another way is with data consolidation which allows Google’s AI to work for your business to accurately determine the right auctions which will provide you with better conversions and which are the most important for your business. The more data you can provide during your campaign, the more visibility you will achieve to help you achieve maximum growth for your business.

Google uses creative assets to help when you are using performance max campaigns in your marketing strategies. Thus, it is essential that you upload the right variations of text, images, and videos. The more you can provide the better your campaign will be able to find the right performing combination for your customers.

Google also utilizes data-driven attribution, allowing AI to find the most pertinent data model to keep track of, so the bidding decisions improve over various channels. This means that you can more accurately optimize bids, so they have the most valuable conversions possible. Now that you understand how Google Ads uses AI to reach your audience, you can better utilize this marketing strategy for your business growth and success. But utilizing these tools on your own can be tricky. A couple of wrong settings (or leaving all of Google’s default settings turned on) can quickly torpedo your campaign or waste your advertising budget. Ask your marketing agency for help and take advantage of this innovative technology.